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We always hear how to drive safely on rainy days, but we almost never find information on how to drive on sunny days, it seems that sunny days are perfect for driving, but not quite.

In the early morning and late afternoon, the sunlight can become dangerous, especially if you are driving on the road. In the morning the sun's rays reflect directly on the driver's vision, and in some conditions not even the glasses are enough.

Remembering that the situation of the windshield also interferes, it cannot be dirty or cracked, even scratches can further impair visibility. On the horizon, sunlight can get in your way a lot, the worst can cause an accident.

That is why it is important to always keep a sunglasses in your car's glove compartment, and I am not talking about any glasses, it must be of good quality so that in addition to helping you to see better, it does not harm your health. your vision.

Another important ally for your safety on sunny days is your car's sunshade, they can help a lot. Sometimes the adjustment of the sunshade is not enough to protect your eyes, if your car has seat height adjustment, the tip is to increase the height until you find a position where the sun does not obscure your vision.

If height adjustment is not available in your car, adjust the seat backrest further forward, remember that the closer your head is to the roof of the vehicle the better.

Try not to look directly at the sunlight, try to look down and away from the sun, this also decreases the chances of you losing your sight by looking directly at the sun. To know more, visit this site!

Driving in the city redoubles caution with the signaling, especially with the traffic lights, it is common not to see which of the signal lights is turned on.

Extra traffic safety tips related to sun exposure

Driving in the sun can cause discomfort to irreversible illnesses for drivers. So, in addition to the tips above, we brought two extra tips to avoid accidents on sunny days.

Don't look at the sun: every child has heard from his mother that looking directly at the sun causes eye problems. And she was right. And this rule is also valid for adults who use the car on sunny days, either for leisure or professionally. Therefore, avoid looking at the sun as much as possible, regardless of the time of day. If you are driving, you may have impaired vision or temporarily lose your vision and cause a serious accident.

Pay attention to signs and traffic: with sun exposure, the human eye may have some momentary flaws. It is common to not be able to see signs and traffic lights accurately, risking a collision with another vehicle. So, redouble your attention when driving in the sun, see what's going on around you and the cars around you. If it is an unfamiliar region, the use of GPS with sound can facilitate mobility.

Now that you know all the care you should have with your vision when driving on sunny days, how about sharing this post with your friends on social networks? Enjoy and leave a comment below telling which tips you put into practice.

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